Portable Thermal Imaging Camera
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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Thermal Screening Cameras

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Thermal Screening Cameras

With so much in the news about businesses becoming COVID 19 safe, Thermal Screening Cameras are in high demand, but how do they work?

Thermal Screening Cameras are designed to measure a person’s body temperature. Businesses are using these cameras, in conjunction with other risk management strategies, to detect whether staff or visitors have a raised body temperature (usually over 37.5 degrees Celsius) to determine whether or not they may pose a risk in terms of potential infection within the premises.


Any object (including the human body) with a temperature above zero emits a detectable amount of infrared radiation (IR) but this cannot be seen with the naked eye. The higher the object’s temperature, the higher the intensity of emitted IR.

The cameras take advantage of differences in IR intensity between different objects in the immediate surrounding area and make the invisible IR “visible” in the form of heat zones, which are seen on the screen as colours. The colours provide temperature scales, with purple/blue/black indicating cooler temperatures and yellow/orange/red indicating higher temperatures. Sound alarms can be set to go off when a certain temperature threshold is exceeded.

The Thermal Screening Camera can be used as part of your business’ safety plan to protect your staff and customers against the current Covid 19 pandemic, but also in the future as part of a long term general risk management strategy.

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