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Access Control

Revolutionising how your premises is kept secure, we offer a wide range of options from biometric recognition, proximity tokens, door intercoms and barriers. We will advise on, and design, a system best suited to your requirements.

Highly Flexible access control solutions.

Access Control is an efficient way to manage access to your premises without the hassle of an old fashioned “lock and key” system.  We can provide straightforward standalone systems to all encompassing networked systems, depending on your requirements.  The traditional key can be replaced by a card, fob and even biometric information readers.

Enhanced Protection

Access control not only protects your premises by controlling who enters it, it can also restrict access to certain areas thereby protecting your staff and sensitive information, whilst at the same time providing an effective tool for monitoring staff movements. Tokens, fobs or biometrics are unique and can be traced throughout the system. Tokens and fobs can easily be removed from the system and replaced if lost or stolen, negating the need to change locks, but also raising an alarm if the lost or stolen token or fob is used again.


Standalone Access Control Systems

For smaller premises, where the jump to electronic access control seems daunting, we can offer more straightforward options. Standalone systems comprise of a control unit and reader rather than a large-scale network system and are ideal for clients who may only need to protect a small number of entrances. We can provide standalone systems that can be upgraded and expanded in the future if necessary.

Access Control Keypad

Networked Access Control Systems

For larger premises or multiple buildings, a networked access control system will be the solution recommended by us. Easy to use software allows you to control access to multiple doors with multiple users. Users are commonly issued with proximity tokens which can be immediately removed from the system and replaced cost effectively if lost or stolen, thereby negating the need to change locks and cut keys. If your premises expand across several buildings, the system can be controlled from one central location. Detailed reports can be provided giving you all the information you need about staff or visitor movements within your premises. We are approved installers of ACT Access Control Systems which are highly flexible and feature rich.

Secure, fast Biometrics

Biometric technology is now used for a multitude of security and operational reasons in commercial environments. We are approved installers of ievo biometric fingerprint readers, which when used in conjunction with your Access Control System ensures that your assets and premises remain safe and secure.


Trusted by schools and businesses nationwide, EntrySign visitor management systems make signing visitors in and out of your premises quicker and easier than before. We are installers of EntrySign systems, which improve safeguarding and are GDPR compliant. EntrySign replaces paper records often found in reception and records the attendance of staff, pupils, visitors and contractors and provides a simple way for you to monitor who is onsite at all times.

Turnstiles, Electric Gates and Barriers

We can assist you in one of several effective ways to control access to your premises by both people and traffic. For larger commercial premises, one of the easiest ways to control vehicle access is by us installing traffic barriers, which can be operated by an intercom or one of several reader technologies such as fobs, cards, keypads or number plate recognition. We can install barriers, gates and turnstiles that can be used in conjunction with your existing security system, or they can be installed by us as part of your integrated security system.

CTS Access Control Barrier

Integrated Security Systems

Here at CTS we understand that overseeing and dealing with each aspect of your security system individually can be a challenging, time-consuming and unproductive task. With today’s technologies, this is no longer necessary.

We are able to provide integrated security systems which combine a range of advanced technologies into one platform, by using the most up to date computer software, improving the functionality of your security system, whilst saving you time and money.

CTS Engineer Working at Height


Your Access Control System is only effective if it continues to work properly. For this reason, we strongly recommend that regular maintenance is carried out by us.

Having a maintenance contract with us, ensures that you will benefit from a range of priority services offered by us, including 24/7 telephone support and access to an engineer, reduced call out charges and priority appointments.

All maintenance is carried out by our highly skilled and experienced security systems engineers, whom we ensure are always up to date with the latest equipment and technology due to our ongoing commitment to staff training.

What are the benefits of a maintenance contract?

  • Preferential equipment charges and call out rates
  • Priority appointments
  • Access to an engineer 24/7
CTS Engineer & Van