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CCTV Systems

As technology has advanced, so have we.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our CCTV Systems, for both commercial and domestic clients across East Anglia and beyond, comprise of the most up to date equipment and technology.  We are a Hikvision Platinum Partner and NSI Gold accredited.

CCTV Solutions for Every Situation.

Unmatched image detail, even in complete darkness, is available and accessible at any time of the day or night, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

CCTV Systems can be simple or complex and tailored to your specific requirements, offering high quality digital recording and the facility to store and transmit images to anywhere, from any place at any time.

For businesses, CCTV is not only imperative for the safety and security of your premises, it can be an excellent management tool for the monitoring of staff, enforcing health and safety, and the prevention of false insurance claims.

Our expertly installed CCTV Systems can be monitored by independent trained professionals, to give you peace of mind 24/7.

NSI Gold Accreditation HIK Platinum Partner

IP cameras

We offer a range of cameras to suit your requirements. An IP (Internet Protocol) camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly used for surveillance, and which, unlike analogue CCTV cameras, can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

It is easy to plug in an IP camera, but ensuring that it protects your property or business requires an expert. This is where we come into the frame.


Intelligent CCTV

What happens when electronic eyes get the brains to match? Intelligent cameras provide various functions which means they are no longer required to be manned 24/7 and they also provide many features which are fundamental to your security and the management of your business.


Camect enables you to mix and match IP cameras of many different brands to create the ideal CCTV system, and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.  We recommend professional installation by our engineers, and independent professional monitoring is also available.

In addition, Camect sends accurate alerts to your phone, email and Google/Alexa devices.  It can detect over 20 different objects and can differentiate between people and animals.  

Infrared & Thermal Imaging

All objects with a temperature above zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, which is invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal camera sensors. We would advise using thermal cameras for applications in more challenging environments.


Our CCTV video analytics enhances video surveillance systems by using software algorithms to analyse the images obtained by the camera in order to detect alarm conditions, such as an intruder’s movements in a restricted area, thus continuously and tirelessly performing the tasks of real time event detection, post-event analysis and extraction of statistical data while saving manpower costs and increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system operation.

Video Management Systems

A CTS VMS is the efficient combination of video software and server hardware which integrates your IP cameras and is an essential part of any surveillance system. It allows you to manage cameras and recording settings, view multiple camera feeds and set alerts for tampering and motion detection, review and analyse your recordings.

CTS CCTV Video Management System

Superior 4K image quality

Equipped with built-in adaptive infrared illumination, our HD bullet cameras increase visibility in the dark without using a visible light source.

Traffic / Licence Plate Recognition

Specialist cameras can capture number plates and record access to and from a site. We advise on their use for both security purposes and people management. These cameras use different methods to capture images to general surveillance cameras and provide reliable recognition in any weather and lighting conditions. We can link these cameras to your access control system such as barriers, allowing automatic entry upon recognising a number plate.

Facial Recognition

Our Facial Recognition software allows you to upload and find people detected on your CCTV cameras.

Line Cross

Line cross allows you to add a virtual line or lines on a specific camera that should not be crossed. Line cross is a feature of your NVR, DVR or IP camera and if a set line is crossed, recording will begin, or an alert sent or an alarm sounded. Line cross is ideal for perimeter protection, property monitoring and parking areas that should not be entered for example. It can also be used to count people.

CTS Line Cross Example

Cloud storage

We have the ability to enable your CCTV security system in the cloud meaning that you or your staff can access live camera images from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. In addition, users can export video clips as well as search for specific times across their whole camera network.


We can offer monitoring solutions for businesses with independent trained professionals who can offer a 24/7 monitoring service, as well as monitoring solutions for homeowners with apps for smart phones, tablets and laptops, so you can rest assured that your property is being kept secure.

Alarm Monitoring on Mobile Phone

Integrated Security Systems

We understand that overseeing and dealing with each aspect of your security system individually can be a challenging, time-consuming and unproductive task. With today’s technologies, this is no longer necessary.

We are able to provide integrated security systems which combine a range of advanced technologies into one platform, by using the most up to date computer software, improving the functionality of your security system, whilst saving you time and money.

CTS Engineer working at height


Your CCTV system is only effective if it continues to work properly. For this reason, we strongly recommend regular maintenance to it. This may be a requirement for your insurance or other purposes, and it is necessary to maintain the validity of your NSI certification which we will provide to you when the installation has been completed.

Having a maintenance contract with us, ensures that you will benefit from a range of priority services offered by us, including 24/7 telephone support and access to an engineer, reduced call out charges and priority appointments.

All maintenance is carried out by our experienced security systems engineers, whom we ensure are always up to date with the latest equipment and technology due to our ongoing commitment to staff training.

What are the benefits of a maintenance contract?

  • Preferential equipment charges and call out rates
  • Priority appointments
  • Access to an engineer 24/7
  • Maintain the validity of your NSI certificate
CTS Engineer unloading ladder from Van