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People Screening

Keeping staff, visitors and the public safe has never been more important. We have a range of solutions available to protect your business.

People Flow, Fever & Thermal Screening Solutions

We can advise you on a range of screening solutions from handheld thermal screening devices to integrated thermal imaging CCTV cameras.

HIK Platinum Partner

Portable Thermal Screening Cameras

Our handheld thermal imaging cameras are ideal for checking temperatures whilst on the move and for instant deployment situations.

Handheld Thermal Screening

Fever Screening Checkpoints

We can help you establish both temporary and permanent temperature screening checkpoints for staff and visitors to help with fever control. We even have the ability to use AI to scan for items such as Face Mask detection.

Public Space Flow Control

By taking advantage of networked CCTV and specialised people counting cameras we can help you control people in public spaces such as shops and supermarkets. We can monitor every doorway and access point to ensure your staff and customers remain within safe distance of one another.

CTS Security Flow Control Screen

Full Room Sanitisation

Our Purifog AIR is the only fog system to both clean & sanitise the air. It cleans and sanitises air of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, micro particle pollution and COVID 19.

Purifog AIR is up to 1700 times more effective than a standard spray system. The 1 micron sized particles will drag any micro particle down to the floor ready to be disinfected. It is an ideal sanitisation device for rooms of all sizes. 

Purifog AIR allows mist particles to reach all cracks, corners and surfaces in a room & can operate unattended e.g. during night hours.

The fog is Non Toxic & is safe to be in for up to 1 hour.


Purifog AIR - clean & hygienize air system.
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