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Sequestrian from CTS Security - for stables, tack rooms and equestrian premise CCTV and alarms


can offer you personal, equine and property security


“It’ll never happen to me!”

For your peace of mind, health and safety

Consider that tack thefts are on the increase. The vast majority of tack rooms are vulnerable because of their location and insufficient protective measures. Moving to HD CCTV has never been easier and, with up to 24 times the quality of your existing system, there has never been a better time to upgrade.

Sequestrian, from CTS Security, understand the risks and how to reduce them. We have over 40 years experience of security, fire prevention and the horse world. What is more our systems are affordable by everyone.

A recent survey has found that the majority of stables, barns and yards are very poorly equipped to handle any fire. Yet horses and ponies are continuously surrounded by flammable materials.

New technology and as a  registered contractor means that we can advise you on how to find the most cost effective solutions for fire protection.

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Have you thought seriously about protecting your horses and your property?
Use Sequestrian’s experience and expertise to find a cost effective solution:
home-alarms_kingslynn Alarms
Remote controlled alarms that report direct to your phone or tablet.
home-alarms_kingslynn CCTV & Remote Monitoring
Comprehensive and HD viewing of your stables, yard, tack room and paddocks at affordable prices. Remote viewing and email notifications to your smart phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere and in HD!
home-alarms_kingslynn Entrance & Access Control
Automatic gates with intercom, turnstiles, lighting and fencing.
home-alarms_kingslynn Security & monitoring for:
– stables, yards and barns
– tack and feed rooms
– premises and entrances
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There are a number of commercial security solutions that can help your business: