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Domestic Security

Don’t allow your home to be vulnerable to a break-in. Take preventative steps and allow us to provide you with a security system that protects your home and valuables, as we have been doing for our clients for over 50 years.

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Home Security Systems

Home break-ins cause financial loss and emotional distress.  We strongly recommend that you do not wait until a break-in happens before considering how to keep your home and possessions safe.  

Nowadays, home security can be provided by several methods which include Intruder Alarms and CCTV Systems, which can be set and monitored away from the home if necessary, at the touch of a button.  This means you have peace of mind at any time of the day or night that your property is secure.

You should choose a reputable installer that can provide you with a security system that is certified and installed to the latest industry standards, and who can prove their credentials to you.

Our Domestic
Security Products

Intruder Alarms

At the touch of a button, you can rest assured that our expertly fitted Intruder Alarms can be set and monitored by you from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere and at any time. Alternatively, they can be monitored by an independent Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with or without Police Response, depending on your requirements. We are an NSI Gold installer.

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CCTV Systems

As technology has advanced, so have we. We are dedicated to ensuring that our CCTV systems, for both commercial and domestic clients, comprise of the most up to date equipment and technology. We are a Hikvision Platinum Partner and NSI Gold accredited.

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Top tips for securing your home

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes…. follow these simple steps to ensure your home is safe:

  • Fit suitable locks to your doors, windows, outbuildings and sheds
  • Ensure your house is adequately lit at night and when you are on holiday
  • Don’t leave keys in ‘safe places’; use a key safe for example
  • Don’t leave tools outside your house as these can be used by opportunist thieves to break in
  • Finally, install a security system that meets your needs and adds that extra layer of protection to your home
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We were very impressed with the install that your engineers did. They did a fabulous job and explained how it all worked to us very clearly. Brilliant job! Thank you. CTS Van