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Product Spotlight: Camect

Camect can be the intelligence hub of a surveillance system, allowing you to easily build a sophisticated system from the IP cameras of your choice. It automatically configures your IP cameras, records video continuously, allows you to view live footage and recorded video securely, and uses sophisticated AI to recognise prominent video events. The Camect system makes it easy to securely share and access your cameras from anywhere! 


Camect is a private camera hub with intelligent alerts, private storage, and continuous recording. It instantly detects various types of moving objects including people, animals, vehicles, and deliveries. With built-in artificial-intelligent technology, Camect has an advanced notification system that adapts and becomes more fast-paced over time as you choose to share feedback.

One Central Access Point

Camect enables you to connect with a number of CCTV IP cameras to create the ideal system which is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Camect acts as one central access point for all of your security footage.

Business Intelligence

As Camect utilises the most intelligent AI object detection on the market, it can detect many different diverse objects in rapid response and is able to provide business intelligence at the click of a mouse. The Camect can detect any object from over 30 classifications, on any camera, within a matter of seconds.

Secure Storage

All footage transferred through Camect is secured in your home and is not stored in the cloud, with 1 TB of local expandable storage that is available to access from desktop or mobile. Camect’s advanced technology, developed by Silicon Valley R&D team, is fully contained within the camera hub.

Mobile Alerts

A Camect Go service plan enables Camect seamless secure remote access from anywhere, including delivery of your alerts (via email, Android app notification, or Telegram instant message), backup of video to cloud storage, and ability to link with Alexa/Google devices.

Easy Set-Up

With just a two step set-up, Camect is uncomplicated in its configuration with a one plug network set-up. Camect detects network cameras easily, so start up is efficient.


Camect is reliable and private. Your video is stored locally, ensuring that your continuous video recording and analysis works even if the internet is down. Your privacy is protected because your video stays where you control it, and video is always encrypted in transit when viewed remotely.