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Protect Your Business Post-Pandemic

Returning to the Work Place: The New Way of Working

With lockdown easing and more people returning to the work place, businesses are beginning to readjust to the new hybrid model of work. Whilst some businesses that function solely from work-sites and warehouses have remained active premises during lockdown, many retail and office based organisations have just begun their full-time return to the work place, however, with fewer members of staff. This further highlights the importance of integrating security measures such as panic buttons, CCTV surveillance and fire alarm systems for added security in terms of staff, premises and visitors. Now more than ever, the return to the workplace post-pandemic has evidenced that security must remain a concern in the forefront of business owners’ minds.

For businesses, CCTV is not only imperative for the safety and security of your premises, it can be an excellent tool for the monitoring of staff, enforcing health and safety in-house, and the prevention of false insurance claims. Staff feel more safe and secure at work in the knowledge that the premises are secured by a CCTV system. CCTV cameras should be utilised as a resourceful tool in preventing intruders and mitigating fire hazards post-pandemic within the work place.

Insurance Benefits

Installing a CCTV system at your business premises has positive insurance benefits. If a break-in does occur, and an insurance claim is made, the CCTV footage recorded from your cameras will serve as evidence in validating your insurance claim. CTS are members of the security industry’s leading accreditation schemes and hold NSI Gold accreditation and we are also bound by ISO quality standards, which is a requirement for most insurance companies

Visual Deterrent

The physical presence of a security system further deters intruders from your premises. If a trespasser approaches your location and visually acknowledges that these measures are in place, they are much less likely to encroach upon the premises, recognising that they are being watched and recorded.

24/7 Surveillance

Installing a CCTV system allows you to have a 24/7 remote visual of your business and its surroundings. The peace of mind in knowing that you have security footage at your fingertips through an app, accessible at any time of the day or night, from your smartphone, tablet or computer, will help ease the burden of any potential intrusion. The quality of our cameras are of the best standard and are unmatched in imaging detail. Our cameras have the ability to read number plates, they have infrared illumination and thermal imaging, and they record in superior 4K quality; and therefore may provide crucial evidence to support the police in any investigation should this become necessary.

For further information, and advice about what security measures would best suit your business premises, contact us.