CTS 2020 Apprentices
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Three Apprentices join the CTS team

CTS are delighted to have offered a placement for two apprentices to complete a three year Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Technician apprenticeship which is offered by BMet College in conjunction with Skills for Security, as well as an IT apprentice.

“I have been in the security industry for over 20 years, with my own career starting on the tools. Being an engineer requires a good technical brain as well as practical hands-on skills. Our engineers here at CTS are highly skilled and experienced and are required to undertake continuous training and development to remain competent in their job, however, I have always thought that the industry should be better recognised in terms of the skills and training required by engineers, by offering a formal qualification to trainees.

At the beginning of this year, it was great to hear that our trainees can now enrol in a three year apprenticeship programme and gain a formal qualification at the end of their course. As an employer, we are committed to helping our staff grow and develop, through both internal and external training. We also recognise that apprenticeships are the way forward in many industries. Scott and Callum were employed by CTS within the last year and they started their course in June 2020, during lockdown. I have no doubt that both of them will do well and be a credit to the industry once they are qualified.

We also appointed Jon in September 2019. Jon is due to complete his IT apprenticeship with the College of West Anglia in the coming months. Having had no experience in the industry when he started, it has been a pleasure to watch Jon become an integral part of the team in a very short space of time, with the help and support of his peers. Not only does Jon provide internal IT support to the office staff, he provides technical support to our engineers and remote technical support to our customers. Jon has in addition taken on the task of managing our stores and stock ordering and returns processes and there are plans for his role to evolve further once he has completed his apprenticeship.”

Darryn Faivelowitz
Managing Director