Fire Alarm System
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Fire Alarm Categories for Commercial Premises

There are five categories of fire alarm systems each suited to different commercial environments. 

A Fire Alarm System can differ in price considerably depending on the complexity of the system. 

  • L1 provides the highest standard for protection of life.  Detectors are installed in all rooms and areas of the building, including roof spaces and voids.  Some areas may not need not be protected if they are of low fire risk such as stairways and lobbies. Typical installations for an L1 system include residential care homes and large office blocks.
  • L2  is designed to give an early warning of fire to occupants beyond the room in which the fire starts and to provide early detection in areas of high risk.  L3 Fire Alarm System
  • L3 is designed to provide warning to occupants beyond the room in which the fire starts, so that they use escape routes, such as corridors and staircases, before they are smoke-filled.  Detectors should be installed in all escape routes and all rooms that open onto an escape route.
  • L4 provides automatic fire detection within escape routes comprising circulation areas and spaces, such as corridors and stairways. Alarm System
  • L5 is a category of fire alarm system which is based on recommendations from a fire risk assessment.  This is a custom category and relates to specific client requirements for their premises, the details of which need to be specified by a qualified fire engineer. 

At CTS Security we provide a wide range of commercial fire alarm systems, contact us today for more information.