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CCTV in production

CCTV helps companies save thousands in lost time and stock. That’s just one of the reasons more and more companies are using CCTV as a management tool, not just a security measure. At CTS, we also support companies to monitor health and safety in the workforce and on production lines.

Food production requires the highest level of safety and monitoring. Our integrated systems can monitor all aspects of food preparation and production, as well as the movement and recognition of staff. HD footage can be viewed from multiple cameras in one location, and via your smart phone or PC.

In manufacturing, we install CCTV on production lines to keep things running smoothly, and to monitor timekeeping and health and safety. CCTV footage helps companies examine health and safety related incidents, as well as monitoring compliance. Our systems can also manage the access restrictions of staff, as well as providing a clear, unambiguous picture.

At CTS, we’ve been installing systems at factories across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for over 40 years, and provide the ongoing support and call out you would expect from a 24/7 operation.
We understand the range of needs that larger organisations, and production companies need to meet, such as cost efficiencies, data management and procurement processes.

As a provider of fire safety equipment and access control and security too, we often find that when larger companies work with us on product installation such as CCTV, we can easily review all systems and provide 24/7 support.

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