Darryn Faivelowitz, CTS Security Managing Director in the PEI warehouse
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Multiple Systems


After procuring substantial commercial premises in King’s Lynn, PEI Plc, a distributor of specialist products to the UK, Continental European and world wide retail and wholesale markets, entrusted CTS with the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of a comprehensive security system to protect and control their new distribution centre and staff.

CTS stood out from the outset and my subsequent and continuing experience of dealing with them has excelled my high expectations.
Jon Bourn, Project Director, PEI Plc

As a privately owned concern we have been in business for over 40 years, with our headquarters in Hertfordshire. As the business has expanded over the years, we have continued to purchase and invest in additional premises. Although we continue to operate from our base in Hertfordshire and other locations, in 2018 we looked to secure additional premises in a central UK position, and an opportunity arose in King’s Lynn. The site needed a major upgrade and modernisation of its security systems and I wanted, if possible, to use a local company for this. I have been with PEI Plc for 32 years and I always prefer, when possible to place contracts with local, independent businesses.

I approached CTS and a number of other security companies regarding our security requirements at King’s Lynn. CTS stood out from the outset and my subsequent and continuing experience of dealing with them has excelled my high expectations. Darryn, the Managing Director, surveyed, advised and quoted for the work and I saw immediately that he had an in-depth understanding of our requirements and the potential issues on site, including identifying risk and understanding risk management. Darryn’s technical knowledge and ability to design a system that covered all aspects of our security from our Intruder and Fire Alarms, to our CCTV System, together with the work of CTS’ skilled, polite and hard working security systems engineers in the installation process, clearly demonstrate that CTS have a well-established foundation within the industry, and are able to deliver on their promise to provide a first class service to their clients.

CTS Bell box alarm on the PEI building
FAAST Fire Alarm system inside the PEI building


To design, supply and install a comprehensive monitored Intruder and Fire Alarm System, as well as monitored internal and external CCTV cameras. The nature of the premises means that there were very specific requirements in respect of the Fire Alarm System.


Fire Alarm System

Each county’s fire service may have its own procedures for dealing with fires in commercial premises. The Norfolk County Council’s fire crews do not automatically respond to calls generated by fire alarm systems in these types of premises unless there is a confirmed report of fire. Premises falling within this category will be required to make a confirmation call via 999 once a fire has been confirmed or is perceived to be at the premises following activation of the Fire Alarm System. This arrangement applies at any time of day or day of the week.

In the circumstances, early detection of fire is vital as it could have devastating consequences for the business and its staff. We recommended and installed a FAAST system at PEI’s site.

FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology™ is a new generation of smoke detectors from Honeywell, which uses advanced technologies and software to deliver the earliest and most accurate smoke detection and which can detect fires at a very early stage, often before visible smouldering takes place, or before an open fire and intense smoke develops. The FAAST device range is designed to protect people and assets in even the most challenging environments where standard detection methods fail or are prone to false alarms, or in areas which may not previously have
been protected.

In addition, the CCTV cameras installed at the site supplement the Fire Alarm. If there is an alarm, the monitoring station can view the site remotely via the cameras and confirm whether there is a fire, in which case the fire services can be contacted with confirmation that a fire has broken out. This is particularly important if a fire breaks out when the site is unoccupied.

Alarm systems on the PEI building
CCTV camera on the PEI building


The premises are vast and required the most effective and accurate method of entire perimeter protection for early intruder detection.

The monitored CCTV System comprises IP Redwalls which protect the entire perimeter, in conjunction with PTZ IP cameras (Hikvision Darkfighter range) which allow for remote monitoring. The system is supplemented by Axis IP speakers, which allow the monitoring station to warn intruders that they have been spotted.

The IP Redwalls have an intelligent detection system that uses data on the ambient environment, such as temperature and illuminance conditions, to automatically adjust the sensitivity. The detectors are also equipped with anti-rotation and anti-masking and can detect vandalism and tampering on the units which provides greater security.

Intruder Alarm System

We designed, supplied and installed a monitored Intruder Alarm with Police response. The key for the Intruder Alarm was to be an effective early warning system, so the design element for such a large facility was crucial.

Once all the relevant parties were happy with our proposal, our engineers worked closely with the management and staff at PEI, to ensure that the system not only met their requirements in terms of early detection but also that the staff had an understanding of the design and function of the system, to ensure that its operation is not hindered by day to day activities on site.

It was also crucial that the monitoring station understood the design and function of all three systems installed by CTS and so were actively involved during the process.