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Krusty Loaf Bakery

Krusty Loaf is a Norfolk based family-run bakery. Meet Nick Henry, one of our valued customers and winner of the 2017 Producer of the Year Award, by the East of England Co-op. At his new premises in Fakenham, CTS supplied installed a new CCTV and intruder alarm system, as well as taking over the fire alarm maintenance.

What were your reasons for contacting CTS?

“We were moving into new premises and wanted to make sure it was secure. Along with the intruder alarm, we wanted CCTV fitted to also act as a management tool.”

Why did you choose CTS Security, rather than another provider?

“They have a faultless reputation. I was confident they would be able to fulfil our requirements.”

How has CTS Security helped your business?

“They fitted everything that was required on time which allowed us to move into the new premises as scheduled.”

Have there been any issues with your install or your products?

“Within the first week of operating in our new premises we managed to set off the fire alarm very early one morning. An engineer was able to instruct at this anti-social hour how to silence the siren and came out later that day to repair the detector.”

Overall, how would you describe the service provided by CTS Security?

“Very professional. During the whole process I felt at complete ease that they would provide us with a system that would work for us.”

Would you recommend CTS Security?

“Without a doubt. It has been a pleasure working with them!”

Nick Henry, Krusty Loaf

Krusty Loaf
Nick Henry, Krusty Loaf

About Krusty Loaf

Krusty Loaf has been a family run business for over 27 years through and as well as supplying their two shops in Fakenham and Holt they also proudly operate a wholesale service around North and West Norfolk.