CTS Engineer installing bell box at Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes
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System Upgrade

Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes

Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes are based on Station Road, and when their takeover by American multi-national corporation Huntsman required a major overhaul of site facilities, they looked to trusted local traders CTS to make the necessary changes.

Huntsman did due diligence before they bought IFS but once they’d taken over the company, security at the site had to be upgraded to meet their worldwide standards – this was one of the first tasks I was given when I joined.
Katie Delph, Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes’ EHS Manager

“We’re still a small company, with only 27 of us on site, in a low crime area and by Huntsman standards, a low hazard site, but it was still important to get our site up to corporate standards, so we chose CTS, a company we knew we could rely on.”

“I was aware of CTS from a previous employment and my own non-working life; and they’d carried out jobs for the old IFS company in the past. As we’re in a rural area, having a local company was very important too, someone close at hand we can call on if needed.”

“Fortunately, whenever we have needed them, like when strong winds caused problems with the power supply, affecting the security equipment, they’ve been able to respond extremely quickly, proving what a good choice that was.”

“Huntsman’s standards demanded a lot of upgrades to all aspects of the site, but whatever was asked, CTS delivered to make the working premises more user-friendly and productive in every way.”

“We altered the system design, but at every stage we found CTS staff to be professional, courteous and extremely flexible to our customer requirements. A couple of them were on the site for a few months during the upgrade work and it really felt like they became part of our team.”

“They’re the experts in this field, we’re not, but I felt we could really rely on them and would definitely recommend them.”

Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes Barrier
Huntsman IFS Polyurethanes Intercom


To supply and install security fencing around the whole site (upgrading what was already there), adding pedestrian access gates and segregated staff parking areas. Separate access for pedestrians and vehicular access, and barriers for HGV. Staff site access was also to be upgraded, with new intruder alarms linked to the local police, and internal and external security cameras are to be installed.


Fencing has been increased and improved.

Site access (pedestrian and vehicle) is now more organized and secure, with card readers taking care of entrance to the premises.

Rather than install biometric access equipment we proposed a new EntrySign system which has the added benefits of visitor and contractor management, but currently uses card readers. However, the new system can be upgraded in the future without the need to replace substantial amounts of hardware. This was a better solution for the customer in the long term.

New security camera and intruder alarm systems are linked to the local police and can also be monitored and where necessary reset by staff from their phones with remote access, useful as the site is in a rural area, cutting down unnecessary journeys out of working hours.