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Maintaining 21 Sites

Hughes Electrical

Hughes is the country’s 2nd largest provider of home entertainment and kitchen appliance rentals. Based in Lowestoft, Hughes operates nationally under the motto, ‘inspiring customer loyalty through customer service’. And after 90 years in business, Hughes Electrical has grown to also become one of the country’s largest specialist electrical retailers.

They are professional and know what they’re doing.I don’t have to babysit them when they come in to do the work, which frees up my time. CTS are responsive at short notice and never let me down. They do what I want and never let me down. Now CTS are doing the fire alarms as well I can deal with one supplier instead of two which makes life easier. Having one point of contact works well.

Project information

CTS maintain security across 21 Hughes’ sites in East Anglia. In addition to intruder alarm systems, CTS also provide fire alarms in some of the sites. Tony Marsden at Hughes Electrical describes how this helps Hughes save time as well as money.

Hughes Electrical were looking for someone to provide a good quality advice and installation with prompt service, quality and a job well done. Tony from Hughes Electrical mentioned, “I needed to be able to trust someone to get on with the job, as you can’t always do that with some of the other companies out there.”

He continues, “We have definitely saved money by merging the fire and alarm system. It’s one lot of labour, one lot of cables, and you don’t have to wait for different suppliers to deal with different things. We are also getting a better price by buying it all together.

I already have been recommending them, I can’t fault CTS.”

From the client

“We’ve had a few issues, where we might have caught a cable, for example. Call outs are dealt with promptly and I was really impressed when I didn’t get charged – particularly when we had a minor problem that was our fault. Not many companies would do that!”

We continue to work closely with Hughes Electrical for all their security needs.

Hughes & CTS
Hughes & CTS