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Security System Installation

Duration Brewing

Duration is an independent founder led farmhouse brewery in West Norfolk, making fresh beers alongside wild and blended farm-style ales. 

CTS provided an innovative take on security for our brewhouse, giving us peace of mind that our business is monitored and secure at all times
Miranda, Duration Brewing, Founder

Project Information

Situated in rural West Acre, Duration Brewing was a unique project that CTS were excited to take on. The brewery itself is a renovated historical site, and therefore it required a range of bespoke options in terms of their security system. Built in two parts, the stone barn for the brewhouse, alongside the wood division for traditional brewing, we provided a modern security system, incorporating an Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm and CCTV system, to provide protection for the business’ assets without detracting from the charm of the traditional, rustic building.

Securing the Building 

Given the nature and design of the building, it has a number of potential entry points in terms of doors and large peripheral windows. All possible entry points are covered by means of door contacts and motion detectors throughout the building. The CCTV system adds an additional layer of protection in terms of early notification of a potential break in.

In terms of protecting the building and its occupants from the risk of a fire outbreak, we designed a Fire Alarm system that incorporates a range of heat detectors, optical smoke detectors, sounders and call points throughout the building.