Sun cream, book, passports, curtains closed (?), timer switches (?)

Leaving your house for a week (or two) to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation should be as hassle free as possible.  60% of burglaries occur when no one is home, according to the Crime Prevention website.  So with home security in mind here are some do’s and don’ts to planning your next getaway.

  1. Tell a trusted neighbour or friend.  Even better, give them a spare key to check on your house and ask them to move any post and put your bins out/water your plants/draw your curtains.
  2. Don’t share your holiday plans on social media, and plaster your holiday pictures on facebook (or worse, Twitter) before you get home.
  3. Move all valuables from view, either in your car or in your garden or near windows.  Lock everything away and out of sight.
  4. Buy a safe. It might sound extreme, but a good, well hidden safe could prove very useful in the event of a break in.  Store any valuable or important items such as jewellery, your will or personal documents.
  5. Check your intruder alarm.  Do you have one and has it been checked recently?  There are services available to alert the police if necessary.

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