Home security and your insurance

According to gocompare.com 12% of people guess or withhold information about their security, while 4% admit to lying about having a burglar alarm!

Did you know that most insurance companies expect a minimum level of security on the ground floor of houses, such as 5 level mortice locks fitted to BS3621 standards, and even sometimes window locks?  Where you live, and what you have fitted both play a significant part in calculating your premiums, as well as any previous claims.

Having a burglar alarm, security gate and/or CCTV will reduce your premium.

‘The higher your level of security, the lower you can expect your insurance premiums to be.’ Gocompare.com, Home Insurance.

But while you’re unlikely to recoup the cost of fitting or upgrading the equipment right away, it is important to consider the long-term benefits.

  • A visible security system acts as a deterrent making breaks ins more unlikely.
  • Adding additional security will reduce insurance costs in the short term, and keep them lower if you don’t need to make a claim.
  • An upgraded system, or an addition such as gates can add value to your home.
  • Being the victim of a break-in has more than just a financial impact on your home and loved ones, so a good system can offer you greater peace of mind.

Being honest with your insurance provider is vital.  If you say you use your alarm when you go to bed, then you must put it on for any claims to be valid.  The same can apply with window locks.

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